• 25 February 2014

    Social and life skills training on demand

    By request from the key partners in Duhok, a series of trainings and practical application focusing on Social and Life Skills has been initiated. Dr Nezar Taib and his co trainer, Ms Haliz Abdulbaqi initiated the program on […]

  • 25 February 2014

    Step 1 examination for social care leaders in Duhok

    After a series of three seminars, 20 managers in the social care sector in Duhok have graduated from the first part of a leadership program managed by the trainer Gunnar Andersson. The program is part of the Governance in Social Care project, where staff, managers and political representatives in the social sector in are developing […]

  • 21 January 2014

    Successful implementation of SymbioCity Approach in Indonesia

    Results from the SymbioCity Approach cooperation between Palu-Borås and Probolinggo-Helsingborg were presented during the Final Seminar in Denpasar, Indonesia, in December 2013. The seminar was hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works […]

  • 16 January 2014

    Tunisian delegation welcomed in Stockholm

    For the Tunisian Local Governance Pilot Project (TLG2P), 2014 kicked off with a visit to Sweden by a high-level Tunisian Delegation during 6 – 10 January. The Delegation was composed of Steering Committee representatives from the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT), the Directorate General of Local Authorities (DGCL) and the Training Centre for Decentralisation Support (CFAD).

  • 10 January 2014

    Kosovo – Follow up study on Public Administration Reform

    As part of the Sida Framework Agreement for consulting services within section A) democracy and public administration (FWC A), SKL International during December conducted a Follow up Study assessing and outlining specific areas and programs for Sida support in Public Administration Reform in Kosovo.

  • 10 January 2014

    EC BENEF Framework Contract

    SKL International has successfully been selected together with five international partners for the European Commission BENEF Framework Contract – LOT 7 (Governance and Home Affairs). The consortium forms a competitive team of expertise and experience with the British firm HTSPE being Lead. The Multiple Framework contract is […]

  • 07 January 2014

    Rwanda – Decentralisation and Good Governance Programme to kick off January 2014

    GIZ (Deutche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) has awarded SKL International in consortium with SIPU International (lead), to implement a comprehensive long-term assignment under the third and last phase of the Rwandan National Decentralisation Reform (2011-2015).

  • 03 January 2014

    SKL International contributes to Jordan’s National Resilience Plan

    During December 2013, SKL International assisted UNDP and the Government of Jordan to develop the Local Governance component of a National Resilience Plan to mitigate the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian host communities.

  • 20 December 2013

    Local Governance Pilot Project implementation phase kicks off in Tunis

    As part of the Tunisian Local Governance Pilot Project (TLG2P), a mission took place in Tunisia during 16 – 20 December to mark the formalisation of the partnership between the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT), the Directorate General of Local Authorities (DGCL) in the Tunisian Interior Ministry […]

  • 20 November 2013

    SKL International at Sweden-China Environment day

    SKL International was represented at the Sweden-China environment day in Beijing on Monday 18th November. The event was co-organised by the Swedish Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environmental protection of China.