• 16 October 2013

    Braille programme initiated in Diwaniyah, Iraq.

    When the Governance in Social Care project was planned in the Iraqi governorate of Al-Qaddissiyah, competence development of staff was one of the highest priorities. One goal for the stakeholders in the governorate was […]

  • 16 October 2013

    Duhok social care managers launch internal development process.

    Duhok social care managers launch internal development process The Iraqi – Swedish cooperation project ‘Governance in Social Care’ has been designed with the goal to support Iraqi actors in the development of a social care system – from the inside. In Duhok four main results have been defined by the General Department of Social Care, […]

  • 15 July 2013

    Social care in focus for learning visit from Iraq

    Social care in focus for learning visit from Iraq During 12 days in June 2013 a learning visit to Sweden was organised for 16 representatives from the social care sector in Al-Qaddissiyah and Duhok, Iraq. They met their Swedish counterparts to exchange experiences and identify areas of interest for further development. The visit was organised […]

  • 19 June 2013

    Get Started, Move Forward! New SymbioCity publication

    Get Started, Move Forward! aims to strengthen leadership of sustainable urban development initiatives by providing practical advice and inspiring examples that support action.

  • 12 June 2013

    Serbian Mayors visiting Brussels

    SCTM, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in Serbia, is this year making a feasability study concerning a possible establishment of an office in Brussels. For this reason SCTM has been present in Brussels, within the premises of SALAR’s office, for the period of April-June.

  • 07 June 2013

    SymbioCity in a Chinese mega-city

    Few other Swedish municipalities has such a close partnership, for as many areas, as Borlänge has with its partner city Wuhan. On May 30, SKL International was invited to introduce the SymbioCity Approach to representatives from Borlänge and Wuhan.

  • 01 June 2013

    Gender Conference in Belgrade

    A national gender conference was held in Belgrade 21/5, with about 140 participants representing Serbian municipalities, NGOs, local gender equality mechanisms, political parties, media, trade unions, universities, ministries and other interest organizations.

  • 28 May 2013

    President of Indonesia discusses SymbioCity

    The SymbioCity cooperation between Sweden and Indonesia was discussed at Tuesday, 28 May, when Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt welcomed Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for deliberations.

  • 14 March 2013

    Med göteborska öron i Irak

    Lena Säljö, Sektorchef (Individ- och familjeomsorg och funktionshinder) Västra Hisingens stadsdelsförvaltning är nyss hemkommen från sitt andra besök i Irak. I en artikel på socialchefer.se berättar hon om sina erfarenheter

  • 20 February 2013

    SALAR Lawyer speaks at Anti-Corruption Conference in Amman, Jordan

    SALAR Legal Adviser Ann Sofi Agnevik participated in a conference in Amman, Jordan, on 12 – 14 Feb on ‘the role of citizenship in promoting transparency, rule of law and anti-corruption policies’, along with representatives from across the MENA region and other European countries.