• 16 February 2011

    Projektledare till EU-service

    Nu söker vi en projektledare till vår nya tjänst – EU-service. EU-service erbjuder stöd åt svenska kommuner, landsting och regioner i arbetet med EU-projekt.

  • 14 December 2010

    Ny tjänst till svenska kommuner

    Från och med årskiftet lanserar vi EU-service, en ny tjänst som riktar sig till svenska kommuner.

  • 03 December 2010

    Supporting strategic local development: Development of the SymbioCity Approach

    SALAR has in 2010 been commissioned by Sida to pursue the development of the SymbioCity Approach in the coming three years.

  • 22 November 2010

    Support to sub-national governance in Iraq

    SKL International will provide technical support together with SKL and IRFAD (Iraqi Research Foundation for Analysis and Development).

  • 03 November 2010

    Successful Turkish-Swedish relations

    Officials gathered for a final conference of the Turkish-Swedish Municipal Partnership Network (tusenet) to sum up four years of cooperation.

  • 07 October 2010

    Neighbourhood cooperation in Belarus

    SKL International has now started phase 9 of the engagement in Belarus with the aim to intensify efforts in promotion of local self governance.

  • 01 October 2010

    First congress of women representatives

    Elected women representatives gathered for the first congress of the federation SUGRAMA in the Indian state of Karntaka.

  • 13 July 2010

    Release of EU handbook

    The Albanian Association of Communes (AAC) released a handbook called the ABC of European Union for local Government Units.

  • 30 June 2010

    Lobbying seminar inspire change

    June 21-23, key members and employees of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) visited Sweden and SALAR for a few days of seminars on the theme of lobbying.

  • 11 February 2010

    New project in Belarus

    SKL will support local self governance in a three year project in Belarus financed by Sida.