Anders Olin

Currently working with: Contracted as Deputy Project Manager for the SymbioCity Kenya Programme. Previously involved in reviews of SKLI projects in Iraq and Ukraine.

Professional profile: Anders Olin is a senior expert with more than 20 years of experience of management and organisational development. He has a special interest in quality management and organisational processes. He also has extensive experience of work with all parts of the project cycle (feasibility, design, implementation, evaluation) and he is a certified LFA/RBM facilitator.

Anders has worked in top management positions, and he has broad financial and budgetary skills and experience from both corporate and program management. He has worked with government and public administration on all levels in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, and has several years of field experience. His experience includes civil society organisations and international organisations such as the UN and OSCE.

+46 (0)70 6789 200