Paul Dixelius

Associate Consultant

Currently working with: Paul currently functions as Team leader for a Gender Diagnosis carried out to support Cities Alliance to improve organisational structures and implementation capacity to enhance gender mainstreaming. He is also managing the development of project co-operation in Cuba and is operationally responsible for an Urban Capacity Development Programme in Myanmar.

Paul has previously been responsible for establishing the SymbioCity Approach Secretariat at SKL International, which currently manages various urban sustainability projects across the globe.

Professional profile: Paul Dixelius is Development Director at SKL International, responsible for the strategic development of the company and quality assurance. Paul has been active as a consultant and project manager for 20 years, mainly in international contexts. He has worked operationally in major development projects and has experience from assignments in Asia, Africa, Western Balkans, Latin America and in the former USSR. Paul Dixelius is knowledgeable about the dynamics of decision making processes in the public sector and in different political climates.

His project references encompass analyses and evaluation assignments, international development projects, election support interventions, capacity building and training in different fields of local democracy and local development as well as support to federation building and enhancing the local voice in processes of decentralization and strengthening local self-governance. Moreover, he has produced several publications including comparative studies and comprehensive evaluations of international development projects and foreign aid approaches in different sectors.

+46 8 452 75 34