Sarmed Al-khazraji

National Project Manager Iraq

Currently working with: National Project Manager for the Sida-funded project Local Government Development in Iraq – LOGDEVI 2018-2021. Managing Director of IRFAD, a long term implementing partner of SKL International in Iraq.

Professional profile: Sarmed has 15 years of experience working with international development projects in Iraq with a wide range of clients, including Sida, USAID, UNDP, World Bank and several NGOs and consultancy companies. He has extensive professional experience in designing and implementing development projects for local government and civil society in a highly complex and volatile environment. He and his organisation IRFAD owns an unique ability to successfully operate with integrity in the challenging socio-cultural and socio-political context of Iraq.

Since ten years, IRFAD is a strategic partner of SKL International in Iraq and from July 2018 Sarmed leads the national project organisation tasked to implement the comprehensive LOGDEVI project which is built around two main components:

I. The south component focuses on decentralization and supports the governorates of Muthanna and Diwaniyah to take on the new administrative and financial responsibilities devolved to them, as well as working together with central government authorities in Baghdad to clarify delegated authorities.

II. The north component is implemented in the Kurdistan region with particular focus on Duhok. It is about strengthened strategic and policy framework for child protection and inclusive education and institutionalizing child protection mechanisms at local level.

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