Searching for the Tunisian way

In the Tunisia Local Governance Pilot Project, SKL International has partnered with the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT). The project aims to provide immediate exposure and analysis to Tunisian local actors in order to help them define and advocate for the most optimal system of regional and local government.
The tasks in this project include forming a working group on decentralization, providing regional consultations and a detailed study to outline options for territorial reform, and to transfer competencies to future local government units. If all goes as planned, our project analysis will be put forward for consideration of the central government following the finalization of Tunisia’s new constitution.
In addition, direct capacity building support is being provided to FNVT, so that it can prepare itself to play an active role as an effective representative of Tunisian local authorities. To complement this work, SKL International has provided advice to the Directorate General of Local Authorities (Ministry of Interior) regarding the design of, and eventual support to, a framework of national consultation on decentralization.

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