Support to capacity-building: training program on local governance and democracy in South Africa

SKL International and SALGA (South African Local Government Association) have cooperated on a training program for South African municipalities since 2005.

The LODLOG (Local Democracy and Local Governance) training program is developed based on needs of South African municipalities and provides a combination of learning themes including good governance, service delivery and project management in a local government context.

The program responds to essential responsibilities and key development areas in South African municipalities, such as local economic development and HIV/Aids prevention and information. The program is action-oriented and the participants design and deliver “change projects” based on their municipal plans, the so-called Integrated Development Plans. The program also addresses staff members at SALGA’s central and provincial offices, who have participated in order to facilitate the coaching of participants and to build training management expertise within SALGA.

More than 100 politicians and municipal officers have participated in the LODLOG training program and have improved both their own and their organisations’ capacity to work with local governance and service delivery. The program has produced many municipal change projects in areas ranging from structuring of administrative routines to HIV/Aids awareness and organising support to local entrepreneurs.

In 2008 the LODLOG programme achieved accredited status in South Africa with SALGA as accredited organisation. SKL International is now the provider of international expertise to the LODLOG training programme.