Core areas of expertise

Our core areas are a result of the combination of Swedish expertise and the needs of our clients. Our focus is the development and improvement of local and regional authorities and their services in a variety of settings.

  • Thematic local partnerships

    Thematic local partnerships Thematic local partnerships are collaborations between local authorities in developing countries, countries in transition and countries in the process of EU-approximation, and Swedish local and regional authorities. The work is often supported by the associations of local governments. Within a program-setting, thematic local partnership can be a device both for formulating and […]

  • SymbioCity

    SymbioCity The SymbioCity Approach seeks to improve the living conditions of people in urban settlements. The approach is based on a holistic understanding of urban development. It is synergistic and integrates environmental, economic, and socio-cultural outlooks. The SymbioCity Approach explores opportunities to strengthen local governments and local institutions and their capacity to sustain local development. […]

  • EU integration

    EU integration The European charter of local self-government, promoted by the Council of Europe, provides principles for political, administrative and financial independence of local authorities. We guide EU candidate countries and countries already in the union through EU local government policies and legal frameworks. These aspects guide our work with candidate and potential candidate countries to […]

  • Municipal management and service delivery

    Municipal management and service delivery Capacity development is first and foremost delivered by expertise with extensive international experience in combination with unique  know-how from Swedish local governance  who are trained to adjust experience to local needs and specifics in search for improved municipal performance. SKL International is an idea driven organisation for which management consultancy […]

  • Local democracy and governance

    Local democracy and governance Support to local democracy and local self governance is the raison d’être for SKL International. We provide know-how on policy support and practical guidance towards accountable local governance based on  experiences from a wide range of projects. Transparency, accountability and civic participation have become phrases like buzz words, but are all serious aspects […]

  • Local and regional development

    Local and regional development Good local governance and local development are intertwined. In order to promote development at the local and regional level, we introduce new ways of engaging communities in partnerships, including businesses, NGOs and civic groups. Important tools for achieving development at the local level are spatial and social planning, which tend to be local responsibilities in most countries. Our interventions aim to strengthen […]

  • Support to local government associations (LGA)

    Support to local government associations Strong local government associations (LGAs) provide their members with capacity development and other services. They also engage in national policy processes, advocating on behalf of the sub-national levels and contributing to more effective local governance. We work with all stages of local government association development, from establishing national associations and […]

  • Decentralisation

    Decentralisation Decentralisation is a means to improve access to services and engage citizens and community representatives in public affairs and decision-making. We suggest reforms and best practice in order to strenghten the local political capacity.   Various aspects of decentralisation are integrated in most of our assignments, and we provide the following expertise to policy development and strategy implementation: Programming […]