Local and regional development

Good local governance and local development are intertwined. In order to promote development at the local and regional level, we introduce new ways of engaging communities in partnerships, including businesses, NGOs and civic groups.

Important tools for achieving development at the local level are spatial and social planning, which tend to be local responsibilities in most countries. Our interventions aim to strengthen the municipal strategies for local development, often by integrating socio-economic, gender and environmental dimensions in multilateral planning.

Activities could include:

  • Good practice in intergovernment relations and cross-sector coordination.
  • Methods for gender mainstreaming and awareness raising, for example the 3R-method for analysing how resources, representation and realities differs for men and for women.
  • Support to include sustainability (ecological, economic and social) in strategic planning.

The local authorities or local administrations could also influence the conditions of local entrepreneurship, for example through simplified procedures for access to land, permits for constructions and good local infrastructure. SKL International is experienced in promoting the business climate at national and local level towards improved competitiveness and indirectly job creation. Our experience includes:

  • Multiyear training programs for local politicians and staff.
  • Thematic local partnerships between Swedish local partners and international counterparts.
  • Policy support at national level related to business development and decentralisation.

Partnership on transparency between local governments and their communities

25 municipalities in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana were engaged in P3 – a joint initiative specialized in issues such as local economic development, service delivery and transparency. P3 (Partnership, Participation and Progress) was a partnership between the national associations of local governments in Sweden, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

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