Local democracy and governance

Support to local democracy and local self governance is the raison d’être for SKL International. We provide know-how on policy support and practical guidance towards accountable local governance based on  experiences from a wide range of projects.

Transparency, accountability and civic participation have become phrases like buzz words, but are all serious aspects that determine if a political system is truly  democratic or not.

SKL International provides evidence based Swedish and international experience for local management, planning and decision-making but is always building its recommendations and proposals on the local context and conditions. Interventions can be about::

  • Training, internship and exchange programmes for politicians and action learning pilot projects.
  • Capacity building through consultancy on the spot.
  • Municipal cooperation through a strengthening of an existing association or creation of a new body for this purpose.
  • Policy review related to local governance and or follow on support in drafting of legislation and regulations
  • Manuals for cross-sector and sector oriented activities for local governments for example connected to the budget planning cycle.
  • Guidance/coaching in gender mainstreaming and civil society dialogue.
  • Guidance/coaching on design and implementation of tprocedures and systems to be established to fight corruption or through  power analysis support reveal informal power centres that need to be considered in the creation of interface between party politics and local government systems.
  • Evaluations of government policy or donor support for the sector

Local democracy is also about making good use of resources through citizens’ participation, which require thorough and systematic data collection to support informed decisions.

Federation of elected women: An important step towards improved local governance in India

Successful formation of a federation of elected women – SUGRAMA – was a crucial part of the Swedish Indian Co-operation to Strengthen Local Governance.