Municipal management and service delivery

Capacity development is first and foremost delivered by expertise with extensive international experience in combination with unique  know-how from Swedish local governance  who are trained to adjust experience to local needs and specifics in search for improved municipal performance.

SKL International is an idea driven organisation for which management consultancy makes no sense but for which sharing experience between practitioners on good management practices is at core. This includes experiences on the divide of responsibilities between locally elected and the local administration, the importgance of political parties for citizens participation in the Nordic countries,  the impact of the fiscal system for the share of responsibilities between local and national and other aspects of the Swedhis experience that can be shared through mechanisms för and lines of communication and coordination are needed when building a functioning administration, since they are key mechanisms in achieving more effective service delivery. In this context we provide the following services:

  • Process mapping and tools for policy dialogue with citizens.
  • Organisation Development (OD) reviews and SWOT analysis
  • Restructuring of procedures in local and regional governance and service delivery
  • Capacity development of administrative and technical services (training, study tours, hand on guidance
  • Management training of local politicians and key staff
  • Exchange of practitioners and locally elected (mentoring)

Thematic local partnership between Swedish municipalities and counterparts in other countries is a tool where the experiences of Swedish municipalities are used to develop specific local capacities. The results are multiplied when taken up and disseminated by local authority associations.

The municipal capacities developed cover a variety of tasks, from sewage, rescue services and establishment of one-stop shops to financial management, correct prizing of municipal services and efficient revenue procedures.

Supporting creation of local self-governance in Belarus

Good governance developed bottom-up through local self government units is a bearing point in the Swedish support strategy to Belarus. The ongoing project managed through SKL International is developed in close relations to Belarusian partners in academia and the NGO-sector as well as the Parliament and regional and local councils. The project will last until March 31, 2013

Support to capacity-building: training program on local governance and democracy in South Africa

SKL International and SALGA (South African Local Government Association) cooperate since 2005. The training program targeting South African municipalities is developed based on their needs and provides a combination of themes.

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