Support to local government associations

Strong local government associations (LGAs) provide their members with capacity development and other services. They also engage in national policy processes, advocating on behalf of the sub-national levels and contributing to more effective local governance.

We work with all stages of local government association development, from establishing national associations and contributing to comprehensive organizational strengthening, to providing targeted support in areas such as EU approximation and gender mainstreaming.

Our technical assistance includes:

  • Organisation Development (OD) reviews followed by implementation through strategic guidance and capacity building
  • Strategic development through improved services, lobbying mechanisms and communication to members and other stakeholders, and
  • Different methods for exchange of experiences such as study visits and on the job-training.

SALAR’s organizational set-up and experiences of interaction with the members (including delivery of services) is a significant showcase that provides an important reference in the context of support to other associations that need to develop their own solutions. These solutions build on country specific traditions and organisation of the public sector. SKL International’s involvement in countries like Albania and Serbia differs a lot from that in China, India and South Africa. To ensure quality we treat every project as unique in both proposals and assessments.