The SymbioCity Approach seeks to improve the living conditions of people in urban settlements. The approach is based on a holistic understanding of urban development. It is synergistic and integrates environmental, economic, and socio-cultural outlooks.

The SymbioCity Approach explores opportunities to strengthen local governments and local institutions and their capacity to sustain local development.

The approach can be applied in a range of development processes, such as when conducting multi-disciplinary or sector reviews of the urban environment, or as support when formulating strategies for short, medium and long term development on different urban scales – region, city, or city-district.

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Publication: Get Started, Move Forward!

Get Started, Move Forward! aims to strengthen leadership of sustainable urban development initiatives by providing practical advice and inspiring examples that support action.

The publication is a result of interaction with a wide range of local politicians and decision makers and is organised around six main themes which urban development leaders need to master.

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Publication: The SymbioCity Approach

The SymbioCity Approach is a conceptual framework that is generic and can be applied flexibly to particular regional and local urban contexts.

It provides general guidelines and methods to support sustainable urban development processes.

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