Albanian study visit on water management

Swedish expertise in water management inspired Albanian delegation during a second study visit to Sweden.

The second out of three planned study visits to Sweden took place during 26 – 30 June 2011, as part of the Development of the Albanian Association of Communes (DAAC) Phase-Out project. Taking overall goal to explore the new service delivery responsibility of Albanian Communes, this particular visit focused primarily on water management.

Participants included a group of Mayors from Albanian Communes as well as a representative from the Albanian Ministry of Interior, responsible for the transfer of functions from the central to local levels.

As well as visiting SALAR in Stockholm, the group met a number of Swedish Municipalities and water management authorities and associations in the Uppsala region. These included the Municipalities of Uppsala ( and Tierp (, as well as the Uppsala Water Company ( and Fyrisåns River Association (

Participants were exposed to technical and administrative practice, under the expectation that Swedish experiences would be of value for Albanian Communes as they begin to take up new responsibilities, including approximation of EU environmental regulations.

Participating Communes also discussed the possibility to establish longer-term cooperation with Swedish Municipalities.