Braille programme initiated in Diwaniyah, Iraq

When the Governance in Social Care project was planned in the Iraqi governorate of Al-Qaddissiyah, competence development of staff was one of the highest priorities.  One goal for the stakeholders in the governorate was therefore established to be to strengthen the skills of staff and management so that they are better equipped to meet the challenges of their work and are able to effectively engage with beneficiaries.

Part of a series of capacity building events under this goal, a 20-day Braille training for staff was launched in Diwaniyah on October 8.


29 participants mainly from the Al-Amal and Al-Noor institutes (deaf, mute and blind) but also the orphanage and the Department of Special Needs were introduced to this tactile writing used by the blind and the visually impaired. Mr Abdul Jaleel is the only existing Braille expert in Al-Qaddissiyah and will lead the series of training sessions. He will also sytistematise the learnings for further uptake through a “resource database” on social care related methods that is being developed within the Governance in Social Care project.


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