Duhok social care managers launch internal development process

The Iraqi – Swedish cooperation project ‘Governance in Social Care’ has been designed with the goal to support Iraqi actors in the development of a social care system – from the inside.

In Duhok four main results have been defined by the General Department of Social Care, of which the first is to develop the programmes of the centers and institutes under the Department so that they are in are in accordance with modern standards and meet the needs of beneficiaries.

The idea is that having programme documents for centres and institute (or sub-sector) will strengthen both upward and downward accountability. Documents can be used for dissemination and beneficiaries as well as decision-makers will know what to expect from centres and institute and can relate this to actual performance.

As an initial step a group of 23 women and men, being managers of the different centres and working in the planning department at the General Department of Social Care, participated in a 3-day workshop on Results Based Management. The trainer, Mr Haytham Miyhar from Jordan, concluded that many of the concepts were new to the participants but that the workshop had created an excellent foundation for the development of their own programmes.

Social Care managers and planners in Duhok elaborating ideas during RBM training.

Social Care managers and planners in Duhok elaborating ideas during RBM training.

Follow-up workshops will take place late October and again in December.

Once the development of program documents for the existing centres and institutes in Duhok is finalised, the General Department of Social Care will have a standard approach to program development, which can be used as a standard for other activities in the social care sector. Having a standard description of and approach to programmes will be an important contribution to transition planning, i.e. ensuring continuity when a new director is appointed, or when new staff needs to be brief about the goals, operations, and management of a particular programme or centre.


For more information on the project: anna.backmann@skl.se