First Steering Committee meeting for new Tunisia project

The first Steering Committee of the new Tunisia Local Governance Project was held at the offices of the Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT) on Tuesday 16th February. The meeting, which was attended by representatives from SALAR, SKL International, Sida, FNVT and the new Ministry of Local Governance, reviewed proposals put forward for changes to the project design during a 4-month inception phase. During the meeting, Sida’s Programme Manager for Tunisia, Lisa Hellström, also presented Sweden’s new priorities for the MENA region, whilst the Director General for Local Authorities, Mukhtar Hammami, presented an overview of current issues concerning decentralisation in Tunisia.

During the week, representatives from SALAR, SKL International and Sida also held meetings with the Ministers of Local Governance and Women’s Affairs, Family and Children. Both meetings highlighted an increasing demand for Swedish-Tunisian cooperation on issues concerning local governance and gender equality


In addition, the SKL International team was formally broadened with the introduction of two new Tunisian colleagues, Mohamed Rachid Esseghir and Jihen Rahmouni.