Global Goals for Local Actors

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was the theme when the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) organized its annual “International Day” in mid-January, with a record 210 representatives from Swedish municipalities and regions gathered in Stockholm for inspiration on how to contribute to these Global Goals.

The event counted with the participation of two Swedish ministers, Isabella Lövin, minister for International developme

internationella dagen

Olov Berggren, Secretary General of ICLD and Annakarin Lindberg, Project Manager at SKL International gave examples of how Swedish municipalities may engage in International development projects to strengthen their contribution to the SDG:s and – vice versa – how their use of the SDG:s in their work “at home” is a strength when engaging in International partnerships.

nt cooperation and Ardalan Shekarabi, minister for Public Administration, as well as the president of SALAR Lena Micko and numerous representatives of local governments.

SKL International, in cooperation with the International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD,, organised a panel focusing how Swedish municipalities may benefit from engaging in international development projects as part of their work in support of the SDG:s. In the panel, leading politicians from the municipalities of Malmö and Växjö gave their views on how they work with the SDG:s, locally and internationally.

Further, representatives from SKL International and ICLD gave examples of how Swedish municipalities can be engaged in projects, either through municipal partnerships or as experts, organisers of study visits etcetera.

Swedish local governments and SALAR make important contributions to the projects that SKL International is implementing. The mix of Swedish experience and expertise, International and local experts has proven successful in many different context. Right now SKL International is preparing for new interventions in countries like Bolivia, Bosnia, Zimbabwe and Myanmar and will be looking for inputs from Swedish municipalities, politicians and experts.