Launch of new!

With the launch of this new website, SymbioCity officially enters a new era. SymbioCity is now solely run through the SymbioCity Secretariat at SKL International supporting inclusive and sustainable urban development in local, regional and national governments globally.  Our work is founded on more than 10 years’ experience of having applied this methodology theoretically and practically in developing and transition countries.

This new website provides information on SymbioCity and shares different methodologies,  tools, guidelines, processes and services that contribute to urban poverty reduction and improved living conditions for all. The resource section gathers all developed SymbioCity publications and materials available for downloading. All ongoing and finalized projects are showcased individually with project specific information, materials and posts on the latest updates.

For the latest news on our projects please follow us on and discover how we can create sustainable and inclusive cities for all!

Best regards

The SymbioCity Secretariat