MoU Signed with the Four Colombian Pilot Municipalities in the FOINCIDE Project

The FOINCIDE project is designed to contribute both to increasing citizen participation and socio-political inclusion, as well as to strengthen the decision making processes and provide tools for improved administration and public policies, based on the exchange of experiences, and in clear articulation and coordination between the municipal and national levels in Colombia. The project will be implemented until December 2018 with a possible extension to December 2020.


Between the 22-26th of May 2017 the FOINCIDE team travelled to the four pilot municipalities in Colombia with the purpose of signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and to establish each working group. The municipalities of Apartadó (Antioquia), Ciénaga (Magdalena), Florida (Valle) and Montelíbano (Córdoba) where selected through an open selection process where 24 municipalities where invited to participate. This was the second official visit and resulted in the signed agreement between the Mayor in each locality and SKL International’s programme management.


The commitment in the four pilot municipalities is high. The project aims to work with participation in an inclusive manner as well as to strengthen the dialogue between the National Planning Agency, who is a partner in the project, and the municipalities. Colombia is in the process of implementing the peace agreements where the municipalities and the territories are important agents of change.


Furthermore, fruitful discussions and ideas determined the steps forward in the work with the municipalities that at this point is to start the implementation of the capacity building process together with the Xaverian Pontifical University in Colombia. The purpose of this project and the work with the pilot municipalities is to improve the prospects for peace and sustainable development through greater inclusion, transparency and equity at the local level.