Neighbourhood cooperation in Belarus

SKL International has now started phase 9 of the engagement in Belarus. The purpose is to intensify efforts in promotion of local self governance.  

Since a  new law on local self governance came into force in July 2010, the project is moving into its next phase. The law provides for:

  • Neighbourhood cooperation through territorial units, which can become springboards for participatory governance;
  • Service improvement through de-bureaucratisation in local governments (termed the one-window approach);
  • The establishment of an association or associations of local and regional governments.

The project aims to support implementation of these new legal provisions, promoting activities both on the local and national level.

SKL International provides support and advice to the process of creating associations of local authorities, assists in the creation of a case of good practice of neighbourhood cooperation, and supports the de-bureaucratisation efforts in Belarus through advice and technical assistance.

Project coordinator is Alexander Pirogov, with long-standing experience of working in Eastern Europe.