New Local Governance Project in Iraq

SKL International and its partner organisation the Iraqi Research Foundation for Analysis and Development (IRFAD) have officially launched a new project focusing on child protection, inclusive education, and enhanced administrative capacity at the provincial level.

1st of July 2018 marked the official start of the four-year Sida-financed project Local Governance Development in Iraq – LOGDEVI! To mark this occasion representatives of SKL International and IRFAD visited Duhok to introduce the project framework to official representatives and organise shorter workshops on child protection and integration of disabled children into the education system.

IRFAD and SKL International discusses the education situation of the disabled with officials in Duhok.

LOGDEVI will be managed and implemented by SKL in partnership with the Iraqi organisation IRFAD. The national project office is based in Diwaniyah. LOGDEVI falls under the Swedish Government Strategy for Development Cooperation with Iraq 2017-2021 and is built around two distinct components:

I. In northern Iraq – i.e. the Kurdistan region – LOGDEVI will work with strengthening the strategic and policy framework for child protection and inclusive education, and fostering integrated governance and cooperation between sectors at provincial level in Duhok. Part of the north component is also efforts to develop and institutionalise child protection mechanisms at local level.

IRFAD team meets the Governor of Diwaniyah.

II. In the south of Iraq the focus is entirely on decentralization and the ongoing devolution reform. LOGDEVI will work together with the governorates of Muthanna and Diwaniyah to effectively understand and manage the new administrative and financial responsibilities devolved to the provincial level. It will also mean working together with central government authorities in Baghdad to clarify delegated authorities and foster dialogue between central and local levels.