Planning New Project on Local Governance in Iraq

SKL International and our Iraqi partner are developing a new proposal to serve under the Swedish government’s strategy with Iraq (2017-2021). The comprehensive project will support the ongoing decentralisation process in the southern parts of Iraq and work with integrated governance for child protection in the Kurdistan region of the country.

irfad 1

IRFAD and SKL International will continue cooperating with long term partner provinces – Diwaniyah and Duhok – but will also start work in Muthanna province and engage in dialogue with central authorities in Baghdad and Erbil.

In late February, SKL International worked with IRFAD in Muthanna and Diwaniyah. The purpose was to re-establish relations with local officials and to assess the current status of decentralisation.

SKL International is one of few international actors that are working closely with local government through a bottom-up approach. This makes us a unique and trusted partner!

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In mid-March, IRFAD’s managing director Sarmed al-Kazraji was in Sweden for project planning. Meetings were also held with Sida and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to share experience from working with local level government in Iraq. It is a stated priority of the government of Iraq to move forward with decentralisation and Sweden is an important actor when it comes to supporting this process.