Release of EU handbook

The Albanian Association of Communes (AAC) released a handbook called the ABC of European Union for local Government Units.

The release event was held in Tirana on July 2, and was visited by European MP Göran Ferm and Prime Minister Sali Berisha. The latter held a speech in which he praised the handbook as an important step in the process of EU approximation. According to the official website of the Albanian Prime Minister, he considers “ …the publication a roadmap to the standards, norms and regulation of the EU to be implemented in the activity of the local governance units.”

EU integration is highlighted in the SKL International support to its Albanian counterpart to become sustainable association for rural communes. One of the major parts of this exercise has been to support the members of AAC with impact analysis of a future EU-membership. The analysis also includes the role of municipal associations in preparations for EU-membership as well as when the country has received status as a member of the Union.

Presently, Albania is a potential candidate for EU membership and receives financial support through the so called IPA system aimed to prepare countries for future accession.

Read PM Sali Berisha’s speech on his official website: