In April 2014 the Government of Ukraine (GoU) committed to a process of comprehensive decentralisation reforms. By expanding the powers of local government bodies, the GoU intends to promote democracy, improve service delivery to citizens, and better coordinate state interests and local interests. Through the project “Support to Decentralization in Ukraine” (DSP), the Swedish Government will support the GoU in the decentralisation process and assist the local government sector in Ukraine to take on more powers and responsibilities. The DSP will be implemented by SALAR and its subsidiary SKL International. The project will work closely with several ministries, and other key-stakeholders within the sphere of decentralization in Ukraine. The implementation phase of the project runs from March 2015 to December 2017 with funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The overall objective of the project is to support the decentralization process that has been initiated by GoU and thereby contribute to strengthened democracy, improved governance and better service delivery to the citizens of Ukraine.

In February 2015, SALAR and SKL International finalized the inception phase of the project in which the following two main areas were identified as critical for project support:

Fiscal Decentralisation: Through this area, the project interventions will strive to strengthen the analytical and policy making capacities of the Government of Ukraine (GoU) and other Ukrainian key stakeholders. Advisory, analytical and coordination support will be provided to create a shared and more robust empirical foundation for policy making.

Education: Through this area, the project will address the needs and priorities of Ukrainian stakeholders in the field of education decentralisation and finance. Advisory, analytical and capacity building support will be provided mainly to national key stakeholders in an initial stage.

For these two focus areas, SKL International is announcing Requests for Proposals regarding three long-term (April 2015-December 2017) Framework Consultancy Contracts, more specifically:
1. One Senior Education Sector Expert
2. Two Senior Experts in Fiscal Decentralization

For comprehensive outlines, requirements and conditions for each contract position, see the following detailed Requests for Proposals:

Senior Education-Sector Expert (SESE)
Two Senior Fiscal Decentralisation Experts

Proposals shall be sent to SKL International no later than April 2 (14hrs CET) 2015 and shall include the following in a formal response to SKL International:
a) A short explanation of the expert’s suitability for the Framework Contract and assignment
b) Updated CV
c) A statement on adaptability to SKL International’s anticipated level of effort and timeframes
d) Price in fees (daily fee) for the expert

Last date for questions on the Request for Proposals is March 25, 2015, after which a summary of replies will be sent to tenderers who have expressed their intention to submit a proposal.

Final date for submission of proposals is April 2, 2015 (14hrs CET)

Proposals and questions should be sent by email to:

More information on the project: “Support to Decentralization in Ukraine” can be accessed at: