Sharing the Local Level Experience at World Urban Forum

How can local governments help implement the New Urban Agenda? SymbioCity shared examples at the leading international conference on urban sustainability, World Urban Forum.

wuf 3
Using VR technology to analyse space and identify inclusive solutions.

As part of the global SymbioCity programme, SKL International participated successfully in the ninth session of the World Urban Forum (WUF 9), held in Kuala Lumpur on February 7-13, 2018. SymbioCity was represented at WUF9 with a mixed delegation of colleagues and partner organisations from around the world – including Kenya, Colombia and Indonesia – as well as by members from the SymbioCity secretariat in Stockholm.

wuf 1
Interactive exercises in the SymbioCity booth at WUF9 – identifying integrated solutions.

SKL International’s participation included both a SymbioCity booth, a training event and a networking event. Through these activities, SymbioCity was able to share concrete examples and experiences on how local governments can work with the principles of the New Urban Agenda in practice and what it means to work with a holistic and inclusive approach at the local level. Participants in the activities were also invited to test methods and tools on real SymbioCity cases which generated results that will provide input to ongoing SymbioCity projects.

wuf 2
Analysing space and identifying urban stakeholders in the SymbioCity booth.

SymbioCity supports local governments in addressing several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in implementing the principles of the New Urban Agenda. The overall goal is to improve living conditions with a special emphasis on the urban poor. Read more about SymbioCity.