SKL International in Ethiopia: Sustainable Urban Development Projects Launched

SKL International builds capacity on sustainable and inclusive urban development in two cities in Ethiopia using SymbioCity. SymbioCity is a holistic and inclusive approach to sustainable urban development.

The project City Projects in Ethiopia targets the cities of Shashemene City in Oromia region, and Debre Berhan City in Amhara regional state. In collaboration with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, the project was officially launched in April in Addis Ababa and will run for approximately two years.  Through workshops, practical work and on-the-job training, local government and other urban stakeholders learn and apply new tools and methods to plan, manage and develop their urban areas in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Both cities have identified solid waste management as their prioritised area to work with within the project. The next step has been to diagnose the sustainability of the city in relation to waste management by carrying out an Urban Sustainability Review (USR). The USR provides the cities a rapid systems assessment and assets mapping, identifying key urban challenges and opportunities in the cities from both an environmental, economic and socio-cultural perspective. 

Symbio Ethiopia

Mr. Gemeda Bedasa in Shashemene contributing to the SWOT analysis as part of the Urban Sustainability Review of their city.

As part of the review, the cities have alos arranged stakeholder meetings with solid waste collectors, visited dumpsites and evaluated different areas of the city through field visits.

Both cities are also carrying out studies on the residents’ willingness to pay for improved urban waste management. The studies will provide the cities with valuable information when developing integrated and sustainable solutions for waste management.

A third workshop has just been finalised in September where both City Cabinets of Shashemene and Debra Berhan have been presented with the result so far of the project and have officially approved the developed objectives, indicators and targets for the continued work in each city.

The project is part of the Sida financed global programme SymbioCity Approach 2.0 where one of the components of the programme, City Projects, targets two cities in each of three different countries. Ethiopia is one of these three countries, the others being Tunisia and Colombia. More extensive City Projects are also being carried out in Kenya.

Symbio Ethiopia 2