Support Packages to Serbian Municipalities Launched

Serbia’s and Sweden’s local government associations are in partnership supporting a select number of Serbian municipalities improve environmental management and disaster preparedness.

The Standing Conference for Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and the Swedish Association for Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) are jointly supporting the municipalities of Krusevac, Zrenjanin, Čajetina, and Osecina.

Last week’s team visit to Čajetina in the western part of the country saw constructive meetings with the municipal administration and the two public utility companies for waste and water. The initiative will contribute towards the town’s vision of becoming Serbia’s first eco-friendly municipality by 2020, by providing tailor-made process support.

Ljubinka Kaluđerović, environmental coordinator at SCTM, in the meeting with Čajetina’s administration, emphasised accessibility to public services for all citizens. SCTM’s support packages to municipalities integrate a gender and rights perspective.


The project’s local expert Velimir Mitrović demonstrates the poor signage of waste bins in Cajetina, contributing to low rates of source separation, not least during peak tourist season. The project hopes to aid the municipality’s and waste company’s waste management planning.

Thomas Nylund (left), director for Gästrike Återvinnare, provides international expertise to the cooperation, managing the environmental support packages alongside Miodrag Gluščević (right), who heads the environmental department at SCTM. Their team has already supported selected municipalities conduct CAF assessments, as a first step toward improved operations.