Ukraine learns from Swedish experience in e-governance

SKL International hosted a study visit on e-governance for 15 Ukrainian officials from 3-7 May. The study visit was a cooperation between SKL International and the Estonian Government, who is helping Ukraine improve its e-governance.

Estonia is often seen as a modern-day success story when it comes to e-governance. Twenty years ago, Estonia made a conscious decision to use the internet and ICT to build an open, e-society. Nowadays Estonia is sharing the lessons learnt from its journey with other governments, including Ukraine.

The purpose of the study visit to Sweden was to see how other countries are transitioning to an e-society. Sweden was seen as a relevant example because it has a decentralized system of government and Ukraine (with SKL International’s support) is also in a process of decentralization. Participants therefore had the chance to see how e-governance can be implemented both at national and local levels of government, and some of the opportunities and challenges that might exist.

The delegation met with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, who has taken a leading role in e-governance through its Centre for e-Society. The Centre has a key role in coordinating and promoting e-governance at local levels in Sweden. The delegation also met with Stockholm municipality as well as national actors including the Digitalisation Commission, the e-Delegation, the Ministry for Enterprise and Innovation (Näringsdepartementet) and the Swedish Social Security agency (Försäkringskassan).