(Video) Most Energy Efficient Building in Ukraine a Municipal Service Centre

A new Administrative Service Centre opened in the Mykolayivska AH, built from scratch with support of the U-LEAD programme, is considered one of the most energy efficient administrative buildings in Ukraine.

The modern Administrative Service Centre (ASC) will provide convenient access to high-quality services to more than ten thousand residents in Mykolayivska AH. The centre is built using energy-efficient technologies; as a result the hromada is expected to spend at least four times less electricity on heating and ventilation than ordinary administrative buildings.

According to the European energy saving classification, the ASC of the Mykolayivska AH can be referred to one of the highest classes. This is the first time an administrative building in Ukraine has been awarded this level of classification.

The centre was constructed from scratch within five months, as part of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme implemented by SKL International.