Description of Project

The project aims to strengthen local self governance in the State of Karnataka. SKL International co-operates with the local organisation, The Hunger Project (THP) and the project has focused on establishing an independent representational body equipped to advocate on behalf of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) in Karnataka. This builds on THP:s comprehensive field work to empower EWRs and revolves around the establishment of a state-wide Federation in Karnataka which also constitutes a model for wider local government association structures in India.

Project activities have included promotion of a dialogue on decentralisation in Karnataka based on rationality as well as efficient service delivery and social inclusion.

The main achievement has been the establishment of India’s first association of (Women) Elected Representatives, SUGRAMA.

SKL International and THP have been granted an extension to support SUGRAMA over the local government elections in Karnataka taking place in the spring of 2010. The extension will last throughout 2010 and include the following components:

a) Institutionalisation of SUGRAMA
b) Revenue raising for SUGRAMA
c) Sustain SUGRAMA through election period
d) Building an operational platform for SUGRAMA
e) Support SUGRAMA to pursue advocacy in prioritized areas
f) Support establishment of new SUGRAMA

Description of Services provided

Advocacy support, institutionalisation support, practical support, capacity building of staff and training of newly elected women.

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