Description of Project

The project supported a consolidation of of Local Government Leagues (Regional municipal associations) in the Philippines. This was the last project of a collaboration that lasted for 15 years starting by support in establishing an association at national level (Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines – ULAP) for municipal collaboration and advocacy of local governance.

Two major components were implemented during this last sequence of support to ULAP was:

  • Strengthening of lobbying capacities
  • Implementation of a practical tool for environmental protection focussing on waste management.

Description of Services provided

Development of training programmes and delivery of training in advocacy of municipal interest vis-à-vis national government/authorities. A study visit for governors to Sweden was focussed on this topic. A manual was developed and successfully implemented as a national wide used training activity on waste management. The tool is called Social Transformation through Environmental Program for Effective Waste Management (STEP).

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