Description of Project

The overall aim of the Capacity Building Programme is to equip councillors with basic technical knowledge and skills to satisfactory perform their duties as members and chairpersons of Urban Councils, Commissions, Committees and Boards. It is designed to fit the Zimbabwean local government context, and focus on practical applications with case studies, micro project work and be action- and output-oriented.

The programme targets 140 councillors from urban councils in all provinces except Harare and Bulawayo and comprises 5 modules, including “Good Governance in Local Government”, Financial Management for members of Finance Committees, Audit Committees and Procurement Boards or; Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Public Works for members of Public Works Committees or Town Planning Committees. Members of Social Committees, Housing Committees and Public Works Committees will be invited to the Housing, Health and Education module. The Environmental Management and Waste Management module will see members of Environment and Waste Committees as participants.

The training is managed in close cooperation with UCAZ the Urban Council Association in Zimbabwe and implemented by local trainers and resource persons.

Description of Services provided

SKL international is responsible for:

  • Project management (in cooperation with SIPU who is lead)
  • Training management (planning, implementation, evaluation, follow-up of training programme)
Project details
Origin of founding
3 400 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International
50 %
Partners / Consortium
Sipu International