Description of Project

In this project, networks were established and models were prepared for working with EU bodies. In conjunction with this, education of EU-coordinators was conducted, preparing them to work as advisors for local authorities on EU issues and on possibilities to access structural funds. A further topic was strengthening the image of local authorities and their national associations in the process of national negotiations for the EU membership. Another field was the developing of policies for the contribution of local and regional authorities and their member organizations in the implementation of EU-legislation. Four focal points were:

  • Development of a Communication Strategy amongst regions, municipalities and citizens
  • Strengthening of the quality, the accessibility and the content of information on the Internet
  • Human Resource training regarding Communication and IT
  • Know-how on transfer of powers
Project details
Czech Republic
Origin of founding
EU / Phare
€ 1,000,000
Prop. carried out by SKL International
35 %
Partners / Consortium
Ministry of Interior of France