Description of Project

MAM II aimed at providing high quality support to the Ministry of Local Administration and Municipalities, helping Syrian cities and the Ministry face the new challenges and improve their ways of working. Due to political developments in the country, the contract was put on hold in June 2011.

The project focused on local and regional economic and social development. This objective was pursued in different parts of Syria, and in different types of cities, particular cases will include:

  • Development which takes advantage of heritage assets, but which recognises that we are dealing with living communities, sometimes very disadvantaged ones;
  • Physical, social and economic development in informal settlements, in support of existing and new initiatives.

 Nine strands of activity were included:

1:  Broad scale organisational, policy and legislative change

2:  Municipal management systems improvements

3:  Human resources development

4:  Support for environmental and social sustainability, including informal settlements

5:  Assistance to improving the local business environment

6:  Support to local economic development and incentive based funding mechanism

7:  Assistance to the Al Jaza’iri Centre for Sustainable Local Development

8:  IT systems

9:  Visibility strategy and actions

MAM II aimed to help cities be more effective through human resource development, new forms of partnerships with communities and the private sector.

Description of Services provided

  • Project management
  • Technical assistance 
Project details
Origin of founding
6 900 000 EUR
Prop. carried out by SKL International
7,2 %
Partners / Consortium
Sofreco, WYG International, GOPA