Description of Project

DAAC supported the Albanian Association of Communes (AAC) to set up sustainable structures and systems to become an efficient and effective organization that represents and provides services to rural local authorities in Albania.

The overall rationale of the phase-out is to further strengthen AAC to become financially and operationally self-sufficient, whilst also helping the Association to support its members (with new tools and services) in preparing for EU integration.

Description of Services provided

SKL International provides project management and technical assistance services to AAC and its members related to the operation of its main administrative and political organs, implementation of its core strategic documents and provision of new tools and services related to EU integration.

Project details
Origin of founding
3 000 000 EUR
Prop. carried out by SKL International
40% (implementation phase), 100% (phase-out)
Partners / Consortium
VNG and FLAG (implementation phase)
2004 -2012