Description of Project

The European Commission (EC) entered into a Structured Dialogue on the role of civil society and local authorities in EC Development Cooperation during March 2010 – May 2011. This resulted in recommendations that recognized Local Authorities (LAs) and Associations of Local Authorities (ALAs) as important actors in development interventions.

“Dialogue and Capacity Building of Local and Regional Associations in EU Partner Countries in the Fields of Development and Local Governance” is a policy-oriented project aiming to support the European Commission in exploring how it could create space for LAs/ALAs in policy dialogue, which delivery modalities that could be utilized, and to support the European Commission in its understanding of LA contexts in partner countries.

Given its familiarity with the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), SKL International is responsible for the Platforma regional seminars for the Middle East and Eurasia. These seminars will be carried out during 2013 – 14 in partnership with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), United Cities of France (CUF) and the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF).

The project seeks to help establish more strategic EU/LA partnerships, particularly in Partner Countries, while also contributing to the new Communication and an eventual continuation of the Structured Dialogue. The main channels through which this analysis will be carried out is through the regional consultations that mobilize LRAs networks in Europe and partner countries.

Description of Services provided

  • Pre-seminar research/consultation
  • Expert participation during seminars
  • Post-seminar documentation and communication
  • Consultations with European institutions

Contact: Ryan Knox, Project Manager,

Project details
Eurasia, MENA
Origin of founding
European Commission (EC)
EUR 1 718 000
Prop. carried out by SKL International
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