E-Learning Programme: The SymbioCity Approach –  Capacity Development for Urban Sustainability

Description of Project

The project is an e-learning programme, conducted by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and SKL International.

The target group of the e-learning programme is civil servants and decision makers from medium sized cities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Thailand.

The overall objective is to contribute to sustainable urban development by supplying urban planners and technicians as well as local government politicians with knowledge, tools and methodologies that can enhance their capacity to build sustainable urban environments.

The project centers on the SymbioCity Approach, a conceptual framework for sustainable urban development with particular focus on the environmental aspects, as well as clear links to economic and socio-cultural dimensions within the physical/spatial built environment.

The training programme includes two different components that form a dynamic and comprehensive capacity building approach. First, a comprehensive e-Learning course on what the SymbioCity approach is and how it can be applied to local governments needs and plans, in a context that municipal staff can readily use, ensures that target audiences for Swedish stakeholders have an equal benchmark and measurable learning process for integrating SymbioCity urban development solutions. Secondly, coupling e-Learning with a SymbioCity Conference, including a Green Technology Fair would provide a forum for business and public sector exchange to discuss investment opportunities and uptake of relevant SymbioCity technological solutions among target markets.

The project is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the conditions for sustainable urban development based on the SymbioCity approach
  • Enhanced ability and capacity to analyze urban challenges and how to address them on the basis of the SymbioCity approach by developing scenarios, systems solutions, impact assessments, strategies etc. for relevant application of approach in local contexts
  • Approach is applied in local context of the city team through developing case studies within the participating institution or municipality
  • Case studies developed for assessing feasibility of SymbioCity approach among target cities
  • Established network for interchange of experiences and support between the participants

Description of Services provided

  • Development and implementation of course learning environment
  • Training and capacity building of technical staff and politicians in the field of sustainable urban development
  • Running of online course
  • Training and capacity building of technical staff and politicians in the field of sustainable urban development
  • Mentoring

Contact: Klas Groth, Project Manager, klas.groth@skl.se

Project details
Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
Origin of founding
EUR 194 463
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Partners / Consortium
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)