Fortalecimiento Institucional Ciudadano para el Desarrollo Territorial (FOINCIDE)

This project sets out a 2.5 year intervention that aims to improve the prospects for peace and sustainable development in Colombia through greater inclusion, accountability and equity at the local level.

The project will focus to a large degree on DNP and national policies. The national policy work will be complemented by on-the-ground interventions within a suggested number of four pilot municipalities. Mechanisms will also be developed to ensure exchange and co-operation with the Colombia SymbioCity project (in two cities) –as part of the global SymbioCity Approach 2.0. programme – which is envisaged to partly run in parallel with this project.  Gender equality is integrated throughout the project reflecting the importance of gender relations in post-conflict settings. Gender aspects will be included in the work both with DNP and the pilot municipalities, drawing from SALAR’s experience and methods. The approach adopted in the project reflects Sida’s model for gender mainstreaming.

The two key components and four main outcomes of the project are in line with the priority areas defined by DNP and Swedish development cooperation as well as SALAR’s own areas of expertise:

  • Participation, in particular developing replicable models of genuine participation and inclusion within specific sectors/processes at the local level

Outcome 1A: Municipalities develop and implement inclusive ways of working that can be replicated in other areas

The project strategy is to develop new mind-sets and ways of working within municipalities where excluded and disempowered groups are brought into social dialogue and existing mechanisms for participation. The project would identify relevant entry points – sectors or processes at the local level – where there is potential to test new inclusive approaches. The project would support the process through technical assistance, training, advice and support, coaching and provide opportunities for exchange and promotion of good examples. DNP and other relevant actors would be involved in the process as much as possible in order to test, refine and inform policy interventions including those arising from the new law on participation.

Outcome 1B: DNP policies are informed of local realities and international experience in participation and inclusion

The project strategy is to mainly expose DNP to principles, examples and experiences of participation and inclusion from Sweden and other countries as well as from the experiences of the selected pilot municipalities. The intention is to inspire DNP and inform the development and appropriation of policies, tools and systems that encourage and support more inclusive and democratic mechanisms for public participation at the local level.

  • Support to national policies for territorial financing and management. The actual areas of support will be refined in consultation with DNP.

Outcome 2A: National policies for territorial management are informed by local realities and international experience in equitable and evidence-based policies

The project strategy is to expose DNP and other relevant actors to principles, examples and experiences of Sweden and other countries in relevant policy areas eg related to the SGP and EDI. The project will also facilitate dialogue between DNP and other actors and aim to inspire new policy approaches that encourage and support accountability and equity at the local level.

Outcome 2B: DNP has the capacity to develop and implement effective performance measures

The project strategy is to expose DNP to principles, examples and experiences of Sweden and other countries in developing effective ways to evaluate the management of municipalities. The project would provide technical and process support in the development of performance measures including those that highlight gender, environment and climate change related aspects.

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