Description of Project

The project aimed at further strengthening the institutional capacity of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities as an effective forum to enhance inter-municipal cooperation and dialogue with the central level government.

The main components were:

  • Strengthen the institutional development of the AMK in order to ensure delivery of high quality services to its membership and strengthen its role as local government partner.
  • Active involvement of the AMK in the local government reform process.
  • Long-term strategic planning and ensure sustainability of the AMK.

Description of Services provided

  • Strategic and technical advice
  • Development of guidelines and strategies
  • Training of staff
  • Organisation of workshops and conferences
  • Study visits
  • Organisational and management support
  • Evaluation of legislation and statutes
Project details
Origin of founding
EU Cards
748 000 EUR
Prop. carried out by SKL International
7 %
Partners / Consortium
VNG (lead), LGBI, Eurecna, REA Prishtina