Description of Project

The Institutional co-operation project between SKL/SKL International and the China Association of Mayors (CAM) aims to equip CAM with tools and knowledge that can enhance its role as a representative of local governments in China and promote good governance.

The project encompasses three main components:

  • Development of local citizen service delivery in Chinese small to mid-size cities tentatively through the promotion of Citizen Service Centres
  • Exposure to the concept of Holistic city planning for local Chinese decision-makers and experts
  • Internship at SALAR of a CAM-staff employee

The main achievement has been to get the Chinese high level officials involved and engaged in improved citizen service for rural areas.

Description of Services provided

Expert advice on citizen service provision and holistic city planning as well as tools to broaden and make more efficient the association work.

Project details
Origin of founding
SEK 3 400 000
Prop. carried out by SKL International
100 %
Partners / Consortium
China Association of Mayors