Description of Project

Together with International Center for Local Democracy (ICLD), SKL International is conducting an International Training Programme (ITP). The overall objective of the programme is to strengthen the institutional capacity of local governments responsible for sustainable city development.

The programme is based on the SymbioCity Approach, a conceptual framework for sustainable urban development with particular focus on the environmental aspects, as well as clear links to economic and socio-cultural dimensions within the physical/spatial built environment. Further, the SymbioCity Approach explores opportunities to strengthen local governments and local institutions and their capacity to sustain local development, by making use of existing resources more efficiently, while at the same time, identifying means to reduce poverty and the negative impact of urban areas on the environment.

The main target group of the training programme is civil servants and decision makers in local governments as well as unions of local governments in Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Rwanda.

The participants are expected to have acquired improved knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Comprehension and use of relevant tools, techniques and processes to analyze the constantly changing complexity of urban areas
  • A thorough understanding of the concept of sustainable urban development and the inter-relationships between the areas of climate change, local economic development, gender equality and youth, urban planning, and management and change within the urban context
  • Understanding of the SymbioCity Approach, to support and foster sustainable urban
  • Key knowledge and skills to support multi-stakeholder and multi-level change processes within public sector institutions concerned with urban development urban

Description of Services provided

  • Capacity building of technical staff and politicians
  • Education and training centered round themes related to sustainable urban development in the eastern and southern African context, such as urban governance, green growth, management and change, cities and climate, gender and youth
  • Project management

Contact:  Erik Faxgård, Project Manager, erik.faxgå

Project details
Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Origin of founding
EUR 1 388 800
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Partners / Consortium
International Center for Local Democracy (ICLD)