Description of Project

LoKOMM is an inception phase with the purpose of developing a large scale 3-year campaign on the MDGs and their relevance for Swedish municipalities and county councils.

During the inception phase a project proposal will be developed and submitted to Sida. The inception phase will also result in the development of support packages targeting Swedish municipalities and county councils. The aim is to support the authorities in communicating the MDGs to the local public as well as give support to the practical international development projects carried out by local and regional authorities.

Description of Services provided

SKL International manages and implements LoKOMM on behalf of SALAR. This entails services such as project management, project design, campaign planning and launch, assessments as well as development of methods and support packages.

Project details
Origin of founding
4 300 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International
100 %
Partners / Consortium
SALAR is Lead Partner