Pre-study and project development in Cuba

As the first concrete assignment in the framework of the new Swedish international development co-operation strategy with Cuba, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and regions (SALAR) and SKL International have been commissioned by Sida to share experiences in the field of local governance with Cuban counterparts in the framework of a co-operation project.

The Cuban Government is in a process of screening examples and experiences of socioeconomic models and strategies with internationally recognized efficiency in local policies. In the case of Sweden, the Cuban government has expressed a special interest on Swedish experience in matters of organization and general functions of the local governments. The project context is that SALAR is requested to share these experiences with relevant Cuban counterparts.

On the one hand, the co-operation project includes an information sharing mission to Cuba, which was carried of by SKL International in November 2016. Topics addrssed during the mission included:

  • Description of different levels of government
  • Relationships between central and local governments
  • Strategies for local development
  • Relationships between elected assemblies and executive levels
  • Measuring efficiency of public services and accountability of public officials
  • Urban and rural planning and development

The project also entails a study visit to Sweden by a Cuban delegation during the first quarter of 2017, to further study areas of particular interest for the co-operation.

Project details
Origin of founding
1 500 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International