Description of Project

Establish institutional framework for implementation of Community Initiatives of the EU Structural Funds including:

  • Support the preppartion of programming documents on Equal, Leader+ and Interreg III
  • Develop and implementation of administrative set-up
  • Enhancement of absorption capacity

Description of Services provided

Technical assistance to Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Local Government.

The project provided the following support to the beneficiary:

  • Provision of Pre Accession Advisor to Ministry of Finance
  • Preparation of programming documents on three Community Initiatives
  • Planning and delivery of training and study visits to EU countries
  • Support in negotiations with neighbouring countries (Interreg)
  • Support in the preparations of Monitoring and Evaluation Schemes
Project details
Origin of founding
800 000 EUR
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Approximately 70 percent
Partners / Consortium
Ministry of Interior, Finland