Description of Project

The project consists of a cooperation between the municipalities of Probolinggo, Indonesia and Helsingborg, Sweden. The overall objective is to improve capacity, knowledge and prerequisites for urban sustainability in Probolinggo as well as in Helsingborg by providing opportunity to learn and apply methodologies and tools for sustainable urban solutions, ultimately contributing to improved living conditions for the two municipalities’ inhabitants.

The project centers on the SymbioCity Approach, a conceptual framework for sustainable urban development which will be applied in Probolinggo. SymbioCity builds upon an integrated and holistic approach to urban development with particular focus on the environmental aspects, as well as clear links to economic and socio-cultural dimensions within the physical/spatial built environment.

The application of the SymbioCity approach is signified by actor driven co-operation between Probolinggo and Helsingborg, also involving the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and other local stakeholders. The partners will jointly develop an Urban Sustainability Review (USR) of Probolinggo, during which the different methodologies and tools applied in the SymbioCity approach will be adopted. The USR will result in the identification of objectives, targets and indicators, development of scenarios, back-casting, impact analysis as well as an action plan.

The project is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Strengthened institutional capacity of Probolinggo and Helsingborg to develop an urban environment that is sustainable and contributes to enhanced quality of life for the inhabitants.
  • An adequate action plan for the future sustainable urban development of Probolinggo is formulated and approved.
  • Probolinggo functions as a model and inspiration for other Indonesian cities in terms of sustainable urban development and the aspiration to achieve a “green city” status.
  • A platform for future broader co-operation between the two municipalities is established, contributing to increased awareness and enhanced knowledge in both Probolinggo and Helsingborg.

Description of Services provided

Development of Urban Sustainability Review of Probolinggo, including

  • Training and capacity building of project participants
  • Consultancy support and technical assistance including diagnosis of present urban situation, specification of objectives, targets and indicators, back-casting and development of scenarios as well as formulation of action plan
  • Process support
  • Study visits
  • Organization of final seminar, providing reporting and sharing of experiences to relevant actors.

Find out more about the SymbioCity Approach

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The SymbioCity Approach: A Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Urban Development (Summary)

Contact: Mats Jarnhammar, Project Manager,

Project details
Origin of founding
Sida/SALAR/Municipality of Probolinggo/Indonesian Ministry of Public Works
4 900 000 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Partners / Consortium
Municipalities of Probolinggo and Helsingborg