Description of Project

The overall purpose of the assignment is to formulate a programme document in support of the implementation and monitoring of the Government’s deconcentration and decentralization plan in Liberia. Decentralization is central to the on-going peace building, governance reforms and poverty reduction programmes of Liberia.

The stated long-term objective of governance decentralization in Liberia is sustainable political harmony, inclusive socioeconomic growth as well as rights-based and gender responsive development. As a means to accomplishing this, decentralization seeks to bring planning and decision-making closer to the people by devolving political, administrative, and fiscal powers to local governments.

Description of Services provided

  • Assessment of current status and future plans on decentralization
  • Design of program document in support of the implementation and monitoring of Liberia’s plans for deconcentration and decentralization
  • Analysis of possible approaches which interlink decentralization efforts on national, county and local levels taking into consideration the Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • Analysis of possible coordination mechanisms to support a coordinated implementation of the Decentralization policy and main State modernization reforms
Project details
Origin of founding
EUR 94 000
Prop. carried out by SKL International