Description of Project

The goal of the Project is to increase the competitiveness of selected localities and help increase the levels of private investment. The Project focuses on:

  • reducing the cost and time required to comply with business formalities, including licenses and permits in order to reduce the cost and risk of doing business;
  • improving the capacity of governments to manage administrative and licensing procedures related to business operations and deliver services to businesses and
  • establishing a transparent and legally secure Registry of formalities and related information for businesses and the general public.

SKL International is responsible for a sub-component which will result in a training programme for municipalities on Regulatory Reform Implementation. We will also provide the Serbian association of municipalities, the Standing Conference on Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) with advice to formulate a project proposal for EU funding for the implementation of the training programme. 

Description of Services provided

  • Design of training programme
  • Advisory services on EU funding, including project design 
Project details
Origin of founding
IFC, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)
24 000 USD