Description of Project

SKL International was assigned to support the Ministry of Finance with carrying out the fiscal decentralization process, with a special focus on the legislation and effects regarding:

  • Shared taxes (Decentralization of tax funds to self-governing entities)
  • Local Taxes (Imposed by municipalities and regions)

The project as such contained five components:

  • Development of new system and mechanisms required for effective co-ordination and co-operation of bodies of local state administration and territorial self government.
  • Improvement of functionality of new information and communication system of local public administration.
  • Development and implementation of new system for the financing of territorial self governments and administrations; fiscal decentralization.
  • Review of the legislation and structures in place as regards to financial management and control in regional and local self governments.
  • Enhancement of professional qualifications and capacity of elected representatives and civil servants of the new regional administrations and municipalities.

Description of Services provided

  • Situation Analysis
  • Field Support to Pilot region
  • Capacity Building
  • Risk Analysis
  • A comparative study regarding effects of the reforms and comparing models from different countries
  • Definition of training needs related to the tax reforms.
  • Trainings
Project details
Slovak Republic
Origin of founding
EU / Phare
631 000 EUR
Prop. carried out by SKL International
25 %
Partners / Consortium
Ministry of Interior, Slovak Republic Ministry of Finance Slovak Republic, CNFPT, France, Fed State of Bavaria