Description of Project

SKL International works in partnership with two governorates in Iraq – Al Qaddissiyah and Dohuk. The aim of the partnership is to support strengthened governance and management in the social care sector in Iraq by addressing issues of service provision and service quality, accessibility, accountability, responsiveness, effectiveness, and coordination-cooperation between legislative and executive powers at sub-national level.

The project is a pilot intervention that is limited in scope but with results, work processes, and learning achieved within the project that are likely to be relevant also for other organisations at governorate level as well as for central government. There is a strong emphasis on learning from experience.

The project is guided by four immediate objectives, which are to contribute to:

  • Clarified roles, responsibilities, and mandates of organisations in the social welfare sector at sub-national level
  • Strengthened capacity to plan and monitor services responsive to the needs of community members with special needs
  • Improved quality and effectiveness in organisation and management of services for community members with special needs
  • Strengthened coordination and communication between decision-making, service implementing, and community organisations in the two governorates

Officials representing Dohuk and Al Qaddissiyah governorates.

The ambition of the project is to work with small-scale, step by step, practical, and tangible improvements in the way decision-makers and officials, organisations, and institutions are functioning and interacting in the two governorates. The project will work with two dimensions of sub-national governance: governorate representative decision making represented by e.g. council committees and provincial administration, the organisation and management of social care services e.g. departments and units of MOLSA directorates of social welfare and special needs/the disabled.

Description of Services provided

  • on-site process support and coaching of managers and council members
  • skills development and training
  • technical assistance
  • developing/revising guiding documents
  • developing and testing methods
  • targeted learning visits to Sweden and other countries
  • governorate exchange visits
  • system analysis and policy advice
  • exchange between politicians
  • seminars with governorate stakeholders
  • internal monitoring, documentation and dissemination of learning and key results

Contact: Lucia Acosta, Project Manager,

Project details
Origin of founding
33 589 746 SEK
Prop. carried out by SKL International
Partners / Consortium
Iraqi Research Foundation for Analysis and Development (IRFAD)